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More about becoming a Foster Carer

What is a Foster Carer?

First things first, in its simplicity, a Foster Carer is someone who looks after a child or young person, who is not able to live with their birth family. The children come from all sorts of backgrounds and all sorts of family situations. Each have a unique need and require different types of care.

Some placements will be short term, some will be on a longer term basis. You will work closely with our team of Social Workers and wider Team around the Child to ensure the best outcomes possible for the child.

Why foster with Fostering Devon

As part of the local authority, Devon County Council, Fostering Devon are ultimately responsible for ensuring that foster children in Devon get the support they need, when they need it. Our priority is to provide homes for children in which they will receive a high quality and standard of care, whilst also providing wraparound support for our carers, their families and our foster children.

Our team of highly skilled staff are trained to provide you with all of the care, support and training you might need, enabling you to best adjust to life as a new foster family. We also offer generous allowances, priority approvals, a localised team and easy transfers from other fostering agencies.

Find out why you should choose to foster with Fostering Devon.

Can I foster?

There are lot of myths and preconceptions around what a foster carer can, and can not be, but there is no such thing as the perfect Foster Carer.

It doesn’t matter your age, marital status, ethnicity or religion. What matters is that you have a spare room, and can provide a loving and safe home for a child. Find out if you’re eligible to foster.

How to become a Foster Carer

Becoming a foster parent needn’t be a daunting process. The fostering application process follows a clearly laid out journey, and our team will support you every step of the way.

It all starts with a simple conversation with one of our team, which you can arrange by contacting us.

Once we’ve met you, and everyone is happy to proceed, we will begin a personal assessment. Here we will explore what type of fostering will suit you and your family best.

We will then provide all of the suitable training you need in the run up to your Fostering Panel, which is where we will hopefully approve your application.

Find out more about the application process.