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10 ideas for connecting with your foster family over the festive period

Illustration of Christmas bunting with stockings, candy canes and mistletoe

Another Christmas is just around the corner, so we wanted to share some ideas to encourage connection, joy, and fun to fill your days and create some Christmas traditions. Here are some ideas for connecting with your foster family this festive period, from your Fostering Devon Promoting Stability team…

Christmas sensory advent calendars

Create some Christmas sensory advent calendars to help to regulate and organise the senses. When we organise the senses, we can help bring back the brain and body connection.

Christmas baking

Who doesn’t like biscuits? Spend some time doing some Christmas baking or decorating. You could use shop bought biscuits like a rich tea and decorate with icing and Christmas sprinkles or smarties. Or you could make a basic biscuit mixture, cut out shapes and then decorate later.

Winter walks

Get your coats and wellies on, wrap up warm and head out to hunt for some holly to take home and decorate the house with (watch your fingers!).

Christmas dance party

Let everyone choose their favourite songs and have a Christmas dance party together. Or if you’re feeling brave, try a dance routine!

Hot Chocolate making

Have a hot Chocolate evening. Set up a hot chocolate station in the kitchen and snuggle down for a Christmas family movie.

Finger painting

Try doing some Christmas finger painting. You could make some cards or decorations for the tree.

Christmas lights

Create a small snack box with some favourite treats, use your Christmas playlist, and have a drive around searching for the best Christmas lights in your area.

Create a new family tradition

Create a new Christmas tradition with your foster family. Take a look at some lovely ideas around rewriting the experience of Christmas.


Let’s slow down a little with some Christmas mindful colouring.

Make a den

Christmas can be overwhelming at times, so why not try creating a den/tent/hide-out where it’s quiet and calm, have some sensory toys in there or things you know help your children to calm and regulate. They might need a cuddle or a hand to hold too.

The Promoting Stability Team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all that you do and take care of yourselves throughout the Christmas period. Please remember we are available to support if you need us, call 01392 381491 or email