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Fostering – what will you learn?

Through fostering I learned how to garden - A women talking about the skills she has gained as a result of fostering

We love this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert, which shines a light on the importance of foster carers!

It follows the preparations by a foster family ahead of the young person’s arrival. Knowing that the young person is a keen skateboarder, the foster carer dad spends the previous weeks learning how to skateboard, so as help the young person feel welcome and settled.

The advert prompted our fostering service to respond with an advert of our own, featuring Al, who works for Fostering Devon, learning to skateboard.

We can’t guarantee that all of our wonderful foster carers are great skateboarders, but we can promise that they do their utmost to provide loving homes for children in care.

Every child deserves a loving home. You can help change a young person’s life by becoming a foster carer, and develop a range of skills along the way, from skateboarding to gardening and baking!

What will you learn? Take your first step.