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Year: 2022

The fostering network
3 November 2022

Mockingbird in Devon

Mockingbird, a global award winning and pioneering programme led by The Fostering Network in the UK, delivers sustainable foster care.

Regular savings policy for young people in care
16 May 2022

New Regular Savings policy launches

As corporate parents to 812 children who have been placed in our care, we want to give our young the best possible life as adults

27 April 2022

We’ve signed the #MyThingsMatter pledge

Fostering Devon is one of 17 local authorities to sign up to the National Youth Advocacy Service #MyThingsMatter pledge, making a promise to improve the moving experience for children in our care. 1 in 3 care-experienced children and young people will move home this year, that’s over 26,000 children in England alone. Every single child […]

3 March 2022

Register for your Blue Light Card today!

Great news, foster carers are now eligible for a Blue Light Card which provides thousands of discounts online and in-stores. Find out more and register for your card here.

17 January 2022

Recruiting families for siblings

Keeping brothers and sisters together is incredibly important to us at Fostering Devon. We’re currently looking for foster families for Devon’s siblings – both experienced carers and those new to fostering. Giving the opportunity for brothers and sisters to be able to stay together to support and comfort one another at a difficult time in […]