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If you decide to stop fostering

If you decide to withdraw from fostering, for example, due to retirement or changes in your personal circumstances, you should inform your local team manager in writing, giving at least 28 days’ notice. The letter will be presented to the foster care panel along with a brief report from your supervising social worker.

You will then be sent a formal letter of closure of de-registration confirming that you are no longer a foster carer.

Being de-registered against your wishes

If you are de-registered against your wishes, you should be given full details about the decision in the form of a report to the foster care panel. You can provide your own report to the panel, and can attend the panel and bring someone to support you if you wish.

Following the panel’s recommendation to de-register a carer, the agency decision-maker will either endorse or overturn the recommendation and you will receive a letter detailing the reason for the decision.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome you have a right to appeal to the panel for a review of the decision. A further recommendation will then be made to the agency decision-maker.