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Foster care reviews

The national standards state that ‘… a review is to be conducted with each carer at least once a year’. This review must satisfy the authority of the continuing capacity of the carer to carry out the fostering task, provide the carer with an opportunity to give feedback, contribute to essential information on the quality and range of service provided by the authority and inform recruitment, assessment and training strategies.

The review will normally take place in the carer’s home and will comprise a report from the supervising social worker, written comments from social workers responsible for any child placed in the foster home since the last review, the views of the young people via their care manager, the carer’s children (either in writing or by discussion), and written comments from the carers.

The review will be signed by the carers, fostering social worker, and manager. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the carer’s skills and position in relation to Devon’s Carer’s Progression Scheme, and is the formal re-approval of the carer.

First reviews of newly-approved carers will be presented to the fostering panel, as will subsequent reviews which identify significant changes – for example, a change in approval range from temporary to permanent fostering.