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How we support our foster carers

As a carer with Fostering Devon you’ll be thoroughly prepared, well-supported and given the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills throughout your journey with us.

Ongoing learning and development are really important parts of your role as a foster carer. You will be assigned your own supervising social worker to support you. They will meet you regularly and help with required record keeping.

You can be assured that they are always on hand to answer questions, deal with concerns and help with any baffling behaviour.

In addition, you will attend regular support groups with other carers. Our peer guides (experienced foster carers) are available if you need extra help, advice or just someone to listen.

The Promoting Stability Team

Our Promoting Stability Team aims to strengthen stability within our foster families through crisis intervention and planned, time-limited, therapeutic support. We encourage a multi-agency approach, providing specialised support at the right time.

Thresholds for intervention are considered and determined on an individual basis. The focus of the support is building the relationship between the carer and child or young person for a lasting relationship that heals developmental trauma.

Find out more about The Promoting Stability Team.

Carers support groups

These are held regularly where experience, fresh ideas and mutual support is shared. There are guest speakers, presentations and chances to network.

Carers are expected to attend at least six support group activities per year.

Approved foster carers can find out more about planned support group events.

‘Children who foster’ groups

These are activity groups and days out for the families of foster carers where they can meet, swap stories, and have a good time.

Fostering Strategy Group

If you’ve got a good idea, or a cause for concern you can bring it up with management via this group. Contact your local representative. Call your link worker for his or her name.

Peer guides

If you need help, advice, or just someone who’ll listen, you can choose to talk to an experienced carer. Our Peer Guidance Scheme is now well-established, following a request from foster carers for more support from experienced colleagues.

Peer guides are selected based on experience, skills and commitment. Each locality has at least one peer guide who attends monthly supervision and training groups, where they receive regular updates on policies and procedures.

They have local contact numbers both in social care services and other agencies and can offer lots of helpful hints.

FosterTalk membership

FosterTalk seeks to promote good practice in foster care. FosterTalk membership is provided to all carers and offers independent support, legal advice and discounts from this national organisation.

Employee Assitance Programme

Devon County Council foster carers are being offered access to the “Employee Assistance Programme” (EAP). This is a counselling and information advice service offering support for issues arising at home or work. This is a free of charge, confidential, independent and an impartial source of support to offer a better work/life balance.